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Junior Art Lab is an edutech social enterprise committed to creating unique learning experiences by empowering learners with creative confidence through art, design & technology. We aim to impact disadvantaged children to bring about positive change in their lifelong outcomes & better future opportunities in the 21st Century.

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#ArtablyAwesome Marketplace

This marketplace was started with an aim to build an inclusive creative community. We design & collaborate with our differently-abled artists to showcase their talents and support them in developing their financial independence.

When you purchase our quirky creations, you will also be helping our community outreach projects with disadvantaged children and underserved communities through our social enterprise.

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  • Philip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme Award ​

    NUS Enterprise  

  • SIF Young Social Entrepreneurs Award ​  

    Singapore International Foundation 

  • Singapore Silent Heroes Award ​

    Civil Association  of Singapore

  • Microsoft Educators  Choice Award ​  

    Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum

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  • Delphine, Microsoft

    Thank you very much Aminur and team. It was a privilege having you at DigiGirlz and hope to continue collaborating with you on future philanthropy events.

  • Latifah, MOE

    Had a fun activity today at Junior Art Lab! He learned super-fast and just 15 minutes into the workshop, he banned me from helping.

  • Margaret, Morning Star

    Thank you for an informative and engaging workshop! The children enjoyed the workshop very much.

  • Constance, Parent

    Everyone felt empowered to go home to continue with what we were taught. A big thank you to them for their enthusiasm and fantastic coaching.

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